Catching up on 2018 So Far

It's hard to believe that it's already October. This year has been flying by. I am just over a month out from my first half iron race in many years. With the exception of a minor calf strain, my training has gone well. I'm hopeful for a new PR, but the calf injury has set my running back slightly

Some of the highlights of my year so far


1/28/18 - Celebration Marathon - 5:39:35 (New PR) - While this race didn't exactly go as planned, I still squeaked out a small PR


4/8/2018 - Ron Jon Cocoa Beach Sprint Tri - 1:14:05 - Set a new Sprint Tri PR and ended up 1st Master Clydesdale. 

Swim - 1/4 Mi -  8:52 (2:01/100Y)
Bike -  12.5 Mi - 36:52 (20.3 mph)
Run - 5K - 25:48 (8:20/mi)

This was one of my best race performances ever in terms of execution. I came out of T1 4th in my age group, around 30 seconds behind the age group leader. I came out of T2 in 3rd, around 2 minutes behind the leader. I pushed hard, ran negative splits and passed the leader in the last tenth of a mile to win my age group by only 6 seconds

4/12/18 - Corporate 5K - 25:25 (8:12/mi) - 4 Days after the Ron Jon Tri and I was only 2 minutes slower then my 5K PR set in 2005 and 3rd fastest standalone 5K I've ever run. My splits were fairly consistent as well. (7:49 | 8:14 | 8:14)

6/10/18 - Heartland Olympic Tri - 2:53:52 - New Olympic Tri PR - This was my A race for the first half of the season. It was my first Oly distance tri since 2008. 

Swim 1500M - 31:18 (1:54/100Y) - First out of the swim
Bike - 40K - 1:14:37 (19.9 mph) - Third going into T2 (around 2 minutes behind)
Run - 10K - 1:03:11 (10:10/mi) - First by just under 8 minutes

7/7/18 - Fort Desoto Olympic Tri - 2:24:08 2nd in Age Group. This one was just for fun. It fell between training cycles, while I was recovering from the Heartland Tri and had lost some of my race fitness. 

Swim - 0.5 Mile - 13:53 (1:35/100Y)
Bike - 20 mile - 59:36 (20.13 mph)
Run - 10K - 1:05:20 (10:32/mi)