Race Week - Celebration Marathon

A little over 5 years ago, I ran my first marathon at the Walt Disney World Marathon. In less then 2 days from now, I'll be running marathon #5 at the Celebration Marathon just miles down the road from where I ran my first.

Sunday's race will be the culmination of 20 weeks of marathon training. In the last 20 weeks, I've ran for almost 75 hours, covered over 400 miles, and averaged a pace of just under 11 minutes per mile. This will be the first marathon that I've trained consistently for and the first time my training has included speed work. Most weeks have included 4 runs, and my training peeked at 31 miles in week 14. Over these 20 weeks, I've seen my average weekly pace come down from the high 11's to the mid 10's. One of the biggest highlights of the last 20 weeks was breaking a 10 year old half marathon PR.

The weather is a bit of a question mark. The temperature will be fine. It'll start off somewhere in the low 60's and go into the low 70's by mid day. The real question is the rain. There is 100% chance of rain Saturday, but the timing is what's in question. As of now it seems that there will be a slight chance of rain in the AM, with the consistent rain coming after noon. The race starts at 7am and based on my goal, I should finish before noon.

Current Forecast for Race Morning from weather.com

Based on my 2:09:14 half marathon (9:52/mi) in November and the paces I maintained in training, I've set my primary goal to finish under 4:40 (10:40/mi), which would be a PR of more then an hour. Looking at my paces and race results, I suspect I might have a 4:30 (10:17/mi) or better in me, but I've decided to go into it conservatively since it still will be a significant improvement from my PR of 5:51:54 (13:26/mi)

Prior Marathon Results
1/12/13WDW Marathon7:00:0916:02
2/17/13A1A Marathon5:51:5413:26
2/7/16Florida Marathon6:39:3315:15
1/4/17WDW Marathon6:58:2915:58

I've put the training in and done the analysis and feel very confident going into this race. I plan on utilizing the 4:40 pacer to help keep my pace in line and achieve my primary goal. The hard part is done. All that's left to do is to go out there on race day and put all that hard training to use