November 2017 by the Numbers

2:09:14 - My shiny new half marathon PR, 10 years in the making. 

121 - Miles ran. This is the most miles I have run in any month ever, and the first time I have run more then 100 miles in a month since July 2013. My running mileage is gradually increasing as my long runs get longer as I prepare for the Celebration Marathon in January

3.6 - Pounds lost. This was a bit of a slow month given traveling and the Thanksgiving holiday, but I am still making progress. I am down 53.8 pounds since I started my latest weight loss journey in late May.

183 - Functional Threshold Power (FTP). During a recent sale, I picked up a new Wahoo Kickr Snap smart trainer and signed up for Zwift. On the first ride on the new platform, I performed a FTP test which put my FTP at 159, which I felt was probably low. After a few rides, Zwift upped it to 183. That puts my watts per kg at 1.75 which is pretty low. I am working on a plan to get much stronger on the bike in the next few months

53.7 - Miles Biked. Just getting back on the bike, plus no rides during my Thanksgiving trip. Trying to cycle 3 days a week going forward.

1 - Number of Swims completed. I had all intentions of getting back in the pool regularly, but since the first swim back, I've been having off and on neck pain. I plan on getting back in the pool this week or next.