Race Report: Stroll in Central Park 12 Hour

A week ago Saturday, I completed my first 50K. It took 8 hours and almost 20 minutes, but I did it. I had an awesome time and am already looking for options for my next ultra race.

I have been trying to write this report all week. Work has been crazy busy and I just haven't had time to write It. I had hoped to write a more detailed report, but I have only had time to write the following breif report.

The race consisted of a 1.03 mile loop around the ball fields of a local park repeated for up to 12 hours. That neighborhood south of the park is where I live. It was nice to be so close to home for this race. 

My plan was to keep a super easy pace and as long as I could maintain a 4/1 Run/Walk plan. Through the first 13 miles, I maintained an average pace of about 12:30. While this was slightly slower then my pace at A1A, all the advice I received told me to take it really easy in order to make it all the way to 50K

Things slowed down for the next 7-10 miles. At some point I switched to a 3/2 plan and eventually all hopes of keeping any set run/walk By mile 20, I felt like I was crawling. At about mile 25, I started to find a bit of a second wind and at least increased the amount I was running again. At this point all I wanted to do was finish up.

I crossed my finish line when I finished up lap 31 for a total of 31.93 miles. I felt like I could have kept going, but I didn't want to put too much extra strain on my body which would prolong my recovery time. I have already planned to return next year and do the whole 12 hours.

One week post ultra, I am still recovering. I hope to be back to 100% in another week or two. For the next couple of months I will transition to tri mode and back off on at least the long run distance. Once I am recovered, I will at least build my weekday runs to about 5 miles each. By August, I will transition back into longer running in preparation for running long during the winter and spring.

By completing my 3rd Marathon or longer race in less then 90 days, I officially qualified for marathon maniac status. I am now Marathon Maniac number 6820.


Matthew Smith said…
Congrats on a truly amazing race! That's a long way to run!!! Way to go, Kevin!
Unknown said…
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