Race Report:Jog for a Cause 5K

Saturday was my latest chance to judge my progress so far on the running front. I signed up for a local 5K on a relatively flat course I am very familiar with. This is the same course I ran my PR on 5 years ago. The only difference is the Starting/ending point on the loop. At the end of the race, I would find out the course was actually 3.2 miles. I confirmed this with several others who ran the 10K (two loops) and complained of it being 6.4 miles. This course was comparable to my first 5K of the year in terms of elevation. My final time was 30:28. When I used SportTracks to break it down by 5K, my 5K time was 29:47. My two other 5Ks this year came in at 35:10 and 35:19, so this was more then a 5 minute improvement. Overall, I felt I kept my effort level consistent throughout the race. My first mile was a little fast, but my effort didnt seem too hard.

Mile 1: Started about halfway in the large pack. I started my Garmin when the gun went off and didnt bother to lap it when I crossed the start line. For the first half mile, I was stuck in a large pack. I was averaging under 9 minute miles, but didnt feel like I was overdoing it. I kept this pace through the rest of the first, flat mile which came in at 8:51. Avg HR 176

Mile 2: I was slightly afraid I may have gone out too fast in the first mile, so I was hyper alert to monitoring my RPE at this point because I didnt want to overdo it. I also knew that this mile had the one main hill which can be somewhat challenging. I did have to take a quick walk break up the one big hill because I was totally out of breath, but once I crested the hill I was back on pace. The second mile came in at 10:12. Avg HR 183.

Mile 3: Now that I only had one mile left, it was time to push it. This section was mostly downhill with one short climb up to the finish. I especially picked it up for the last half mile or so of the race. This was the first time ever I actually had that feeling like I could puke if I don't stop or slow down. I pushed it through the rest of this race with this feeling.

Mile 3.2 Pushed it through the finish and surged to pass a few people right before crossing the finish.

Overall I am really satisfied with my results. Now I can plug this info into my Daniels Calculator from http://www.electricblues.com/html/runpro.html">Here to get a better set of training paces, as well as have a better idea of my running LT HR.

I am working on updating my blog layout. For those that haven't heard, Blogger has a new design tool that is in Beta right now. If you go to http://draft.blogger.com you can try it out. I am really liking this new tool as I can make changes in minutes that would have taken hours of plugging in changes to the code.


Karen said…
A 5 minute improvement, that is awesome! Thanks for the tip on blogger draft.
Wes said…
I really like that blogger design tool. Nice job on you race and congrats on the improvement! You've got the heart of a hamster with that high HR :-)
teacherwoman said…
WAHOO! That's about all I gots to say! You rocked it!

And I agree with Wes... love the new blog design! I need to change mine up a bit!
ShirleyPerly said…
Terrific job, Kevin!!

5 minutes is HUGE and I'm sure that race did wonders for your confidence. Thanks for the link to the Daniels Calculator too. It'll be interesting to see how those numbers compare to those from other sources.
Lindsay said…
congrats kevin! 5mins is huge improvement :) love kicking by people at the finish!

i've heard about the new blogger deal (FINALLY) but haven't had a chance to try it out yet.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you put in a great effort! Five minutes is huge. I bet you are going to have a great year.