99 Bottles of Beer + 1 Chicken dance = 100 miles on the bike DONE!

I did it. I conquered my biggest challenge so far. I made it through 100 miles in 6 hrs 40 minutes ride time (7 hrs 20 min total time). It took all I had in me to make it through it. Towards the end, I couldn't help but think about how the heck I am going to be able to do another 12 miles on the bike and then run a full marathon? My next 100+ miler will definitely be followed by a short run to see how it feels.

I headed out to the Silver Comet early Sunday morning. The weather was pretty good. It was in the mid 60s and overcast. It would stay cool the whole time I was out there. It did rain for about an hour of the ride, but it was never more then a light mist.

Rather then doing 50 out and 50 back, I decided to do to loops of 25 out and back. This would give me the right amount of distance between stops for bathroom/water. Because I would go back to the car, I only had to carry one bottle of perpeteum which gave me an extra bottle of water.

I headed off just after 8 in the morning. I did a good job of keeping my HR in check and controlled my pace. I did not want to use up all my energy. Things felt good. I reached the 25 mile turn around point in about 90 minutes and turned back towards the car. About halfway back, my knees began to hurt some. I tried to focus on keeping my knees in since I know that letting them fall outward is a definite contributor to knee pain.

Made it back to the car about five minutes slower then it took me to go out. Not too bad, but I knew the next 50 would truly be a challenge both mentally and physically.

To pass the time as I headed out, I played lots of little mind games. In order to distract myself from thinking about the distance, I went through 99 bottles (plus some) of beer on the wall. This of course only got me about 5 miles or so. as I hit about 60 miles, I started to doubt myself. I seriously started to consider turning around at my next stop at 66 miles. Once I reached the restroom and filled my bottles, I knew I had come too far to turn around now. I made it the last 9 miles to mile 75, took a few minutes to stretch, and I headed back in. The second 50 miles was about 30 minutes slower then the first half. While not great, I am ok with that.

At some point, I was sitting up and was "flapping my wings" to loosen up my shoulders. For some reason, this brought back memories of the Chicken Dance. When I was a kid at summer camp, we went to the local skating rink (Galaxy Skateway for you SoFla folks)several times a week. One of the tings they always did was the chicken dance. Appropriately the lyrics I remembered (which based on a google search arent the actual lyrics) were "I cant believe I'm doing this I must be nuts!! There were several times throughout the ride that those lyrics kept coming back to me.

Once I cooled off and changed my clothes, I headed home. To reward myself I stopped and got my favorite post-ride cookies from QT. I dont know how they taste normally, but they just taste amazing after a long hard ride. I came home and took a nice soothing Ice bath, donned my compression socks and chillaxed for the rest of the day. Monday, I was still a little sore, but after using my trigger point kit, I felt so much better. I went for a run yesterday and a short ride today. I am definitely feeling the effects of the century ride. I will take it easy to the weekend and I have a long run on Saturday and then I think I will hit the lake for an OWS on Sunday to test my wetsuit that I havent used since last year at South Carloina.

I cant believe its only 10 days till IM Augusta 70.3. I dont have any real plans for this race other then enjoy it and test my race nutrition for B2B. A PR is possible since I had to walk most of the run, but I will not be disappointed if I dont get a PR.

I feel pretty good about my bike nutrition. I had no problems using Perpeteum on my bike. The run is the big question. I have been training mostly with Mint Chocolate Gu this year, but I am almost out and have kinda gotten sick of goo, so I am moving back to what I used last year, cliff shot blocks.

After this ride, I have regained a new respect for the distance. I feel like the mental challenge is going to be much harder then the physical one. I have done the math and worst case scenario (barring something truly oncontrollable) I know I can complete the distance before cutoff at 17 hours, I just have to have the willpower and confidence to complete it.


Sherry said…
HURRAY, Kevin! Way to go on your century! It sounds like you did it alone too... what a test of mental endurance! I'm in awe! The farthest I've gone on the bike is 75 miles and I had Scott with me. I think I could have gone 25 more miles (at a snail's pace, which is OK), but I don't know if I would have been able to keep it together if Scott wasn't with me.

I am SUPER excited to learn that you are doing Augusta. Like I said in the other post, for whatever reason, I thought you were doing the SC half. We have to get together! Are you just driving in for the day or are you staying the night before? Let me know your plans through Facebook! :o)

Keep up the GREAT work! Augusta is going to be a GREAT training day for you!!!
Wes said…
Well done, Kevin! I'm sure we passed each other out on the trail. I'm such a dweeb as I can never recognize anybody on the trail :-( Augusta is a great opportunity to fine tune things for the big day. Keep up the great work!
Anonymous said…
Way to conquer the century ride! Great job out there Kevin, and way to stay mentally in it.

Goo dluck in Augusta. Maybe I'll see you at one of the 70.3's next year. Have you tried Hammer gel? I have found these work better than gu for me.

Keep working it. You are doing great.
Calyx Meredith said…
Congrats on the century!! Dude - that's great. Sounds like you've got it all dialed in. You're gonna rock the B2B. Good luck in Augusta!
Oh - and cliff shot bloks seem to help me if I get in dark mental space. I've begun to wonder what exactly they put in those things b/c they change my attitude right around!
Jess said…
Great job! That's amazing.
Gotta Run..... said…
One thing in Ultra Running that I learned early on is ALWAYS RESPECT THE DISTANCE. You are smart to know that as well.

VERY GOOD ERIC!!! You can do this... you are doing this :)
ShirleyPerly said…
Way to go, Kevin!! Riding by yourself is definitely harder than riding with others. Most of my rides I end up riding by myself the last half but there was one 85-miler that I did by myself the entire way and it was really tough (plus, I screwed up my nutrition). I'll bet the next 100-miler will go better since you now have more confidence you can do it.

Good luck at Augusta!
Karen said…
Good job Kevin! That is AMAZING!