Looking back at 2008 and ahead to 2009

Looking back, 2008 has been a most amazing year. I didnt really set any new PRs, but before my injury early on in the year I was easily on track to smash my 10K PR. This was unfortunately a year plagued with several injuries. I have learned alot about my body and how to feel out the aches and pains. I am hoping in 2009 to prevent injuries through core training, yoga, and trigger point treatment.

I am still nursing a little bit of remnant pain in the ankle I sprained, though it is not right at the spot where I sprained it. It is almost more foot then ankle. It really only bothers me when I am stretching it, otherwise I dont even feel it. My shoulder continues to act up. I have been working to treat the trigger points and it seems to be getting better.

Who would've thought almost a year to the date from my first ever triathlon I would be doing my first Half Iron! The training was long and the race was hard, but I made it through it. This year I completed my first olympic and my first Half Iron. I thoroughly enjoyed both races.

2009 is going to be a stellar year. After my half this year, I knew I wanted to do a full. Because I have one more semester of school, I was going to put it off to 2010. After our recent cruise, we decided we wanted to cruise again in 2010. That combined with some other possible plans for 2010 would make it tough to do a full iron that year. I knew that B2B was on my radar as a possibility for my first full. I had heard nothing but good things about it and I knew there were a whole bunch of bloggers doing either the half or full in 2009. After talking it through with Cathy, I decided to do the full IM this year. In the process, Cathy also decided she wanted to do the half IM. So we are both signed up for B2B 2009

I am really not setting any goals for 2009 at this point other then train smart, stay injury free, and race strong come B2B. With that I almost completely wiped out my 2009 schedule and have started over. I am keeping my 2 indoor tris and Callaway on the schedule. The 2 indoor tris are a great way to test my fitness. Depending how these next few months go of recovering the fitness I have lost since SC Half, I may seek to come top 3 in Clydesdale at Callaway. With the bike fitness I have picked up since then and riding the tri bike instead of the road bike, I should have a decent shot. I came in 12th out of 47 last year. I came out of the water first, but lost it on the bike. I was 17h on the bike. So it should be interesting this year.

Beyond that my schedule is open at this point. I have put a few centuries on my schedule, but those may change. I like the idea of doing my longest rides with BRAG support, but B2B is flat whereas most of the century rides are hilly. I may split my rides evenly between centuries and doing them on the comet. As I sit here writing this, I am thinking my earlier 100+ will be done with the century rides to build my endurance and do my later ones on the comet to simulate race day conditions.

I am keeping the option open to possibly do the S.C. Half Iron next year also. Because this race doesnt fill up until a few weeks before race day, and I doubt it will fill up given Augusta 70.3 is the same weekend, I dont have to decide till it is really close. After having such a disappointing ride, I wanted to redo it. When we had decided to go down to Miami in November that changed. Now that I am not doing Miami Man, it might just work out to do SC again this year. It would be nice to get my revenge on that course, but I will only do it if I truly feel it will not hamper my iron training.

Ironman is truly my focus for this year. There will of course be 5Ks and 10Ks here and there, and I think there is a mid-year half marathon I might do, but the absolute most important thing is going long. Depending how I feel post B2B, I might do a late winter marathon

The training plan I currently am planning on is 24 weeks. That means my true IM training starts some time in May. Between now and then, I will initially will focus on regaining my fitness. This means alot of base work with a little speed work mixed in here and there. For my running, it is all base work right now. My HR is way up there just at 6mph on the dreadmill. I need to rebuild my fitness and get my milage back up before I consider any speed work. Hopefully it will only take me a couple of months to be back to a decent level of fitness so I can develop a plan of attack for the shorter races before I begin my long endurance training for the full

I hope all of you had an amazing 2008 and wish you all a stellar 2009!!


Unknown said…
I agree. 2009 is going to be a stellar year.

Go make it happen. :-)
Shannon said…
Sounds like 2009 is going to be incredible! Oh, BTW B2B had a couple of very big hills.
Karen said…
Impressive! 2009 is going to be great (I mean fine...it has to rhyme). and...Cathy is doing the half - even better!
Jess said…
2009 is sure to be a great one for you! Best of luck as you train for iron!
Here is to a successful and injury free 2009!

(Oh and a note - with the new background, the "Post a Comment" link is invisible - I randomly moused over it and found it).
Stef0115 said…
Kevin this is SO exciting! I can't wait to meet you and Kathy at B2B!

As usual you sound like you have a good handle on your plans and your training. I have no doubt you will get your fitness back faster than you think.

Can't wait to follow you in 2009!
Wes said…
Happy New Year! You and Cathy doing B2B is exciting!! My advice? Train the hills, race the flats! You'll love it :-)
J~Mom said…
It's going to be a fantastic year!
StephB said…
Hey - tell Cathy to join in with my group! She is only a week behind and could easily catch back up or just do this whole thing a week or so after everyone else. That is what I'm going to have to do also.

Pmail me her email address and I'll send her the link to the google document with the plan on it.

B2B sounds awesome! I'm so jealous!
ShirleyPerly said…
Welcome to the B2B boat! So glad to hear I'll get to meet up with you and Cathy there too. Look forward to following your journey to iron!!