Peachtree Road Race

I am really starting to get excited about peachtree. This will be my 6th year I have run this race for 5 years now. As I have previously mentioned while this wasnt my first race ever, it was my first 10K and more importantly the race that inspired me to get off my butt and run.

I have had good years and bad. 2003, my first. It was a blast. I finished in 1:18:36. The second year (2004) was better, 1:10:31. In 2005, I really rocked it and went under an hour for a time of 58:30. 2006 was not a great year for me in the peachtree. After finally going under 55 minutes in a 10K and setting what is my current PR of 53:47, I ended up with shin splints and almost didnt do the race. I ended up walking alot. That was also the year they stupidly pulled up the timing mats before time group 1B started, thus not officially recording our time. That sucked since it was my first year as a Time group 1B start with chip and all. 2007 was another great peachtree. If I remember correctly, I think the weather was cool. I finished in 55:40

So whats in store for this year? I am really not sure. I feel really good right now. My knees are feeling much better compared to where I was on memorial day. The only unknown is the change in the course. Due to our local drought, the race finish has been changed, and now the last .5 miles is uphill instead of the normal downhill finish. So this means I need to leave just a little in the tank for that last uphill battle. I would like to try and negative split this race like I have been doing lately in my long run.So my goals for this race

A- New peachtree PR - Under 55:40 chip time (57:55 Clock Time)
B- New 10K PR - under 53:47 possibly doable since I ran a 53 min even in a training run pre knee injury
C- Sub 50 min - not likely, but might as well shoot for the stars.

EDIT:One more goal: Attack those hills

Also, I am debating whether or not to wear the fuel belt. Yes, its only 10K, but heck if I dont have to fight through the water stops, I will shave second off my time.

I also am trying a new race playlist on my ipod. I have been racing the same mix of songs awhile and figured Id change things up. I did keep a few key songs though

1-Eminem-Lose Yourself
Great song to get started with

2-Justin Timberlake & Madonna- 4 Minutes
Good upbeat song

3-Kanye West-Stronger
No explanation necessary

4-Linkin Park-Bleed it out
Good faster song

5-Meatloaf-Paradise by the Dashboard Lights
Theres just something bout this song that gets me moving. Also it kinda helps distract me as I start singing along

Good, hard, motivational song.
"I feel so alive for the very first time, and I think I an fly"

7-Guns n Roses-Live and let Die
I was surprised the first time I hear this song while on a dreadmill. You wouldnt think so, but the main parts are really fast.Makes up for the slow intro

8-Pat Benetar-Invincible
Good motivational song for just past halfway
"Its a do or die situation, we will be invincible"
"What are we RUNNING for"

9-Bob Marley-Three Little Birds (Every thing Gonna Be Alright)
I can thank Tea for mentioning this song. Its a little slow, but so motivational
I could see myself singing this for the rest of the race
"dont worry about a thing, cause every little thing gonna be alright"

10-Varios Artists-Hit em High (From Space Jam)
Method Man, LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes. this song has a great beat. Definitely will start the pickup towards the end of the rce

11-My Chemical Romance-Im not okay
This is one that returns to my playlist. It just works well. It has a really fast beat to it. I hope to be OK at this point

12-Kate Ryan-desenchantee
I hope to be finishing to this song. It ends right at 53:29. I heard this song in a spin class and Luv'd it. Its in Belgian and English and gets progressively faster. And heck, I find myself singing along even if I have no clue what half the words mean. Its great for doing sprint intervals on the bike.

13-Scooter-Faster Harder
One of my usual race songs. Threw it in just in case I get to it and need to push myself harder to the finish. I really hope not to get to this song, because it would mean no PR :(


Lauren Starks said…
Good luck! I would say maybe I'll see you out there, but 1. i'm way back in TG 5. 2. there's like a gazillion people.

can't wait to hear how you broke your PR though!
Wes said…
Who needs water on a 10k? LOL!!!! I know you'll do your best. Good luck and have fun!!
Stef0115 said…
Nice song list!! Hope you meet your goals -- and I agree you should shoot for the stars. Mostly have a lot of FUN!!
teacherwoman said…
I love the 4 Minutes song.... love it!

akshaye said…
Nice - Good luck! You'll do great. I hear the finish is changed to be uphill now.

Want to finish faster.. shorten the playlist :)
Anonymous said…
I had songs #1 and #3 on my iPod to get me pumped for Buffalo Springs!! Great songs!

Good'll do great!
Marcy said…
GOOD LUCK!!! I KNOW you're going to do awesome!! Fo sho!
Karen said…
I don't know I happened on your blog but love it! very inspiring! I just read your race report on the Lifetime Tri. I was in the swim lane next to you, I got lucky and had a lane to myself saw several pics of myself in your report. Too funny!
LBTEPA said…
You've been working so consistently, I know you'll charge up that hill and PR!
Calyx Meredith said…
Good luck and have fun!!!!! Your milestone race - can't wait to hear about this year's fun. Thanks for posting your music too. I love 4 Minutes. There are a few on your list I don't know and want to check out! Thanks also for the advice on nutrition/counting cadence. It was a huge help!
Unknown said…
Good luck and have fun!

I wear my fuel belt for 10Ks, but that's just me. I like knowing that I have what I need whenever I need it. I guess it's like a security blanket. LOL
Ben G said…
Tell me your time. I was in group 5-note to self, don't get a random bib number next year. Lots of fun-about 1:10 or so.
Ryan said…
Good luck with the race!

And because we are racing in the same division next week, there has to be some smack talk; right?

Justin Timberlake?
Pat Benetar??????

Ha Ha! That wouldn't be a Pink Fuel Belt, would it?

Good luck with the 10k; Aim for sub 50 and just hold on the last 2 miles. Negative splits are for little people!
Steve Stenzel said…
Good luck with the peachtree run!! And I say, If your comfortable in the fuel belt, wear the fuel belt!!
StephB said…
Hope you had a good race! It was hot out there today!
Viv said…
HAHAHA to Wes with who needs water for a 10K!

I think the laptop is officially alive. Great playlist. stole a couple you know me trying to find the jams at all times for class.

I hope you did great and met your goals at Peachtreee. Looking forward to the report. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
sRod said…
Great playlist. I may have to borrow some of those songs for me.