Report- Fat B's Tri

I want to thank Brian for putting on the inaugural Fat B's Mock Tri. I had a great time with a great group of triathlete bloggers. It was great to see Wes, Dee Dee, and Sarah again. It was great to finally meet Brian and Sam. I was glad to meet Richard and Mary Ruth,as well as Chris. I am always glad to find more local triathlete bloggers.

Wes and Dee Dee-
Chris -An Athlete in Training-

We started off with a 15 minute swim.

I ended up doing 1000 meters (if the pool is actually 25M) in 15:32.

That is me in the green cap(far right of picture below).

We then did a lazy T1 and walked back to Brian's house to hop on our bikes. Because we had a large group of varied abilities and didnt want to anyone to get lost, we decided to make the first lap of the 13 mile route as no drop.

Wes and I went back out for a second loop and picked up the pace.We probably averaged about 16 or 17 mph. All total, I did 26.17 miles in 1:59:55. The average pace for the whole ride was 13.3 mph.

I then chose to run the 5K route. My legs felt great the whole time. for most of the run, my pace was staying under 9 min/mile. I did have a recurring wardrobe malfunction. The fuel belt I have had for the last year is getting to be too big on me. With it tightened as far as it will go, it still is loose. It kept falling below my hips. I kept trying to make it tight enough, but it just didnt work. Then, to top it off, I got stared down by a dog running lose in his front yard. As soon as I saw him, I crossed the semi-busy street and walked slowly away. He kept giving me the staredown and I thought he might give chase. I guess he deemed me not worth chasing because he turned around and walked back towards the house. I then picked my pace back up and ran fast back to Brian's. My splits were 9:04,9:19, and 10:03 (Doggy mile). Without those incidents, I probably would have run all 3 miles sub 9-minutes.

After the run, we all chilled with burgers and beers in Brian's back yard. It was such a great time for all.

I am glad to be home since I put on close to 5 pounds in Texas. Now its time to get back to being serious about my diet and keep focused on the training.


Viv said…
That is a tri club to brag about!! great times all the way around :-)
teacherwoman said…
That sounds like some real fun! I am totally jealous! :)

Your wardrobe malfunction sounds like something positive as well! Nice!
Brian said…
Good times, good times, if only some one would pay me to train, then I could go full time.

Really, I'm glad we could all get together, it was a lot of fun, I think we'll have to do it once a month.
Stef said…
Sounds like so much fun!!!!!
Calyx Meredith said…
What a great group! Sounds like a really fun day. As for the wardrobe malfunction - YAHOO! I think you should donate your old fuel belt to a newbie and treat yourself to a new one in a smaller size! Keep it up man!
Marcy said…
Ahhhhh homies! If I all had you peeps up here I'd want to go the tri route LOL Looks like an awesome time!
D10 said…
Sounds like you had lots of fun. What a great idea to get you all together. You all will be a great support system as training progresses.
It was great meeting you on Saturday. Definitely fun times all around!
Wes said…
I enjoyed seeing you again, Kevin!! I had us doing the second loop for 26 miles in 1:45 and some change. If you decide to do Callaway, let me know. Dee Dee and I will be staying at the Hampton Inn in La Grange. We will probably be getting there early!!
cindy said…
That's cool about your fuel belt being too big now! congrats!
akshaye said…
Ah.. fun race! And nice pace to finish strong with the run.
Jess said…
Sounds like it was a lot of fun!
triguyjt said…
cool club you guys got going..

and its cool that the fuel belt is too big
How much fun was that?! Dang it, I need some peeps to train with!
Ryan said…
Dogs = Speed Intervals

When I read "Wardrobe Malfunction" I was thinking I can't believe Kevin is PIERCED there!

My fuel belt does the same thing now, that's a good thing!!!!
J~Mom said…
That looks like so much fun!!
P.O.M. said…
How fun. Especially the burgers and beers. ha ha.
Tri chick said…
It sounds like you had a great time. Would love to join you when you do it again.
Kellye Mills said…
That sounds like so much fun!!