It's official

I AM IN!!! IT IS ON!!!


So what better way to keep my commitment to do the SC 1/2 (since I am already training for it) then to go ahead and sign up. So I signed up tonight. I am stoked.

The best part is it looks like I will be doing this race with several of my blogging peeps in addition to lots of folks from BT and the local tri club. I am stoked.

In preparation for long rides and the race, I purchased an aqua rack for Windbreaker. This way I can carry 4 bottles on my bike. I tend to go through lots of water on the bike

So tonight was an uneventful swim. No aquarobics tonight!!!!

I did
200 W/U
1500 in 25:31
200 C/D

Tomorrow morning I will be up at 5 to do hill repeats on that darn hill. Then I will likely take the PM off (Unless Cathy wants to ride or run/walk)


Anonymous said…

I have that aquarack, too...I love it...well, it used to abuse me, but we worked through our differences and are on good terms again ;)

Happy training for the half...I look forward to reading about it!
Stef said…
OMG you must be so excited/thrilled/nervous???

Congratulations on making that committment! Now I can follow your training for your first 1/2 prior to mine. Uh huh.

September is closer than ya think!!!! :-)
Anonymous said…
ROCK ON! Way to take the plunge! You know what's next right? Do I dare say IM?
Viv said…
Congrats on signing up for the
1/2, so it is official now :-)

Get some rest for that early wake up call.
teacherwoman said…
2 ways to commit to training....
1) sign up for the event,
2) tell EVERYONE!

NICE JOB! You are well on your way!
I just put hte aquarack on my bike too. Very convenient.

How exciting that you singed up for the half!!
akshaye said…
Yeah! That'll be a great race.
Wes said…
Two treats in one day. Life is good :-)
Nick said…
Cool, I'll see ya at the Half. Are you a BTer? If so, what's your screen name?
Marcy said…
Alright homie!! Bring it!! ;D ;D
Makita said…
Sweet! More incentive to train hard. :D
triguyjt said…
game on!!!!

isn't it great to enter it???

PreFan1982 said…
Good luck. Now you have a specific goal to train for-you nervous yet???
J~Mom said…
Awesome! Congrats!

I want that aquarack!!
Anonymous said…
Bring it on! Now, you are one step closer to your goal. You have the motivation and desire to conquer this Half IM.
Mendy said…
David and I will be there too, Kevin. He'll be doing the half as well! Fun time! Looking forward to meeting you.