Race Report: Celebrate America 10K

So going into the race today, I really didnt know what to expect. My number one concern was my knee. I hadnt done much running in the last few weeks. My best possible scenario goal was to break 50 minutes. This was based on a training run I did a month ago where I did 10K in a training run at 53:04 beating my previous PR of 53:47. I thought is I could do 53 in a training run, 50 shouldnt be too hard. But that was before I hurt my knee. So my next possible goal was to break my previous PR. OK not too bad. Worst case scenario just to finish without screwing up my knee.

The last few days my knee hasnt been too bad. I went out on my bike for an easy ride with Cathy yesterday and it didnt hurt at all. Saturday was a decent swim, again no knee pain. So I went out there this morning hoping for a great run.

Today's race was good and bad at the same time. My time wasnt great - 57:16, but I made it through the whole run without any knee pain. Now, after the run, I have just a teeny little bit of pain. So this is good news, I plan on resuming my full training schedule.

I really cant remember specifically how each mile went down. I was too busy worrying about my knee. The first mile was great, but I knew based on how my legs felt, that I was not going to be able to keep up a sub 8 min pace through the whole run. Once I knew this, I decided not to push too hard. By the second mile I had to take several walk breaks:retying my shoes, loosening my shoes, stretching my aching Achilles. After that, I kept a halfway decent pace, but walked the water stops and a few of the hills.

Here are my splits


I definitely need to work on my form. Not only am I a heel striker, but my feet point outward. I noticed this when one heel was striking the other calf. I need to really start focusing on my running form. I am going to finish reading the Chi Running book and try to put the techniques to work. I think I may also need to change my shoes. I dont remember why I switched shoes the last time I bought shoes, but I may go back to my last ones and see how they feel. There are 2 major running shoe stores I have frequented. I have lately not had the best results with the one closest to me. Going forward, I will be frequenting one that is a little further away, but I feel has more knowledgeable staff. When we got running shoes for Cathy we had bought from the first one, ended up returning those, and went to the second shop. They did a much better job of fitting her and did a more detailed analysis. Plus I think their prices are a little lower

I also want to congratulate my wife Cathy for completing her first 5K ever. She walked the 5K in 49 minutes. We are going to start her on a run/walk program and she may even do a super sprint tri next month.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend.



Stef0115 said…
Kevin congratulations!! Even if the time was not what you were going for it sounds like it was a decent race.

Once you get your form down you will be setting a few more PRs at this distance in the future. I'm actually glad you didn't push it this time and your knee didn't hurt. :-)

Congrats to Cathy as well that is fabulous!!!
J~Mom said…
Congrats on an awesome race! I am glad your knee didn't hurt!!
StephB said…
Way to go Cathy! And, good smart run, Kevin.

Definitely look into some new shoes. There are lots of great running stores in Atl that will watch you run and recommend a shoe for you. For free.

This, from another duck runner. : )
Unknown said…
Great job - running without pain is huge.

And YAY for Cathy on her 5K!! Great stuff!!
Marcy said…
CONGRATS to both of you!! WHOOO HOOO!!!

I *heart* the Chi Running book. I reference it over and over and over again LOL. It's a lot of stuff to remember but I guess I have a long time to figure it all out LOL
akshaye said…
Congrats to both of you! Glad to hear your knee is doing better.
H said…
Congrats to you and Cathy!
Anonymous said…
I am so glad to hear your were able to run the 10k without pain! That is definitley progress and is a sign that you are taking care of the injury.

Congratulations to Cathy too!
Wes said…
That's good news on the knee!! Sometimes, a PR just ain't in the water, so to speak. Congrats to Cathy on her first 5K!! Fabulous!!
Gotta Run..... said…
Forget about your finish time!! The best part was reporting a pain free run. You will have plenty of time to set PR's :)

Cathy did great and I am sure that you were thrilled for her.

Do address the form. It will make a big difference in so many areas.
Unknown said…
Your knee (and physical health) is far more important than a PR! Kudos to you for taking it easy and still finishing superbly! :D

I have been wanting to read the Chi Running book for some time... it's on my PBS list (I'm #2 in line) so I'm going to hold off buying. Let us know what you think of it! :)
TonyP said…
Great job and great report.
Nitmos said…
Nice job! I would definitely keep new shoes on hand especially if experiencing knee pain.

Also, your splits are all over the map (as you know). It definitely appears you went out to fast and then going get into a pace. Sounds like you are on the right track: work on form and pacing. If anything, you should be getting faster mile by mile in a 10k. Or at least, even splits.

Good luck and Happy training!
Pokey said…
Daaaaannnnng! Nice splits! Glad your knee held up and afforded you a great race!!!
Calyx Meredith said…
Well done Kevin! I'm so glad your knee was good. (I've been thinking about getting that Chi Running book. I know NOTHING about form. I just go out and run - so maybe that's part of my problem?) Please tell Cathy congratulations too! Yay for first races! She did awesome.
Jess said…
Any 10K under an hour is awesome, especially coming off an injury. Congrats!
Steve Stenzel said…
Nice job! And congrats on NO KNEE PAIN!!!
triguyjt said…

You went conservative and live to race again..smart move!!! Remember the first 10k you did was one hour, 18 minutes..so, even though you might be bummed..you have already come a long way and you are going much much further in the future..
Props to Cathy!!! Thats awesome
Unknown said…
That sounds familiar. I have always had a habit of clipping my left calf with the heal of my right shoe as I start to fatigue during a run. As you begin to tire, your form will break down. In my case, that’s the first sign of it. The second sign is me cursing at everyone and swearing I will never to this to myself ever again…but I digress.

Glad to hear that the knee didn’t give you any pain.
Brian said…
Dude, I got to start to train with you, your as fast as I would love to be, ha.

Good race !
teacherwoman said…
Nice job on the 10K. That still some great numbers/speed considering your knee.

Congrats to the wifey as well! :)

Wahoo to you both!
Anonymous said…
Congrats to you and Cathy! I know you wanted a PR, but I think that is a great time!! Also, I'm so happy to hear your knee is okay :)
Viv said…
WTG on that rocking 10K!! Congrats to Cathy as well for her first 5K!!
Good news to hear the knee is doing mo' betta!