Race Report - Lifetime Fitness Indoor Tri

I had a really good event today. I got to the Lifetime fitness in Alpharetta at about 7AM my heat was at 7:45. I got dressed and headed out to the pool. There were somewhere like 10 heats with each heat having up to 10 in it. There were 5 lanes and I think about 7 or 8 in my heat. I ended up sharing a lane with another swimmer. In the few minutes we had to warm up we knocked arms once and almost a second time. I knew I was going to really have to hug the side I was on which was next to the lane line. The swim was 10 Min as far as you could swim. In training I tried out setting up an interval alert and could hear it under water. Well I only caught one of the 3 alarms, I had it going off every 2:30. There was also supposed to be a whistle at 5 min. Never heard it. That being said, I had no concept of how much time had elapsed and really didnt count my laps as I was going. I was really surprised when the whistle kept going for the end of the heat. My plan was to try to pace myself. I did a decent job of doing it without knowing my time. I had a decent swim and felt strong. I ended up doing 21.5 Laps or 537 YD/M. I got out of the pool and had a ten minute T1 time.

I though 10 minutes was plenty. I even started my stopwatch so I knew how much time I had left. Well I didnt actually start it till I got out of the pool. At this point It was about a minute or more behind. I jumped in the shower to rinse off the chlorine, dried of and threw my clothes and my running shoes on, grabbed my Ipod and headed up. As I was going up the stairs my wife starts yelling to me hurry up your heat is about to start. I walked into the spin room with 30 seconds left to start. I hurried up threw my shoes on and adjusted the seat on and clipped in as my heat was starting. I felt like during my whole 30 minutes on the bike I could not seem to get into a groove. I think the resistance was a little tighter then I expected. I found myself out of my seat several times to stretch out my legs. I ended up using the techno music I was listening to to do intervals like in a spin class. I tried to keep a steady pace as much as I could. I picked it up in the last five minutes and finished with about 13 miles in 30 minutes.

T2 was 5 minutes. I grabbed a powerade on the way out of the spin room and headed to the treadmill. I had about 3 minutes to get my running shoes tied right and stretch a little. The one mistake I made was drinking the powerade right before I jumped on the treadmill. A few minutes in I was super nauseous. I had to back my speed down to compensate. I tried several times over 10 minutes to up my speed and I just couldnt hold it. By 15 minutes I was finally better and slowly upped my speed till I maxed out at about 9 mph at the finish.

I ended up doing 2.3 miles in 20 minutes. My first mile was in about 8:35 and the second was in 9:05. That is pretty good for me relative to last year's sprint tris.

All in all, not too shabby. I probably could have pushed a little harder, especially on the treadmill if I hadnt drank any powerade. I have decided going forward during races it is water and gels only, though I may try gatorade since I am not a big fan of powerade in general.

Here - http://www.flickr.com/gp/25467136@N08/F460EV is the link to the rest of the photos my wife took


akshaye said…
Nice race! Speedy run too.
Wes said…
Great job on the indoor tri!! I think you were smart taking all of your transition time to rest and get ready!!! I used to use accelerade during my events, but I'm going to go with G2 (gatoraide) or Tiger (gatoraide) this year and see how it goes.

Congrats again on a job well done!!
teacherwoman said…
Congrats on your Lifetime Fitness Triathlon! Wahoo! I remember thinking that the lanes in were more narrow than what I was used to at the Y. I too felt neaseaus when getting started on the treadmill!

I think you rocked it though! way to go!
J~Mom said…
Awesome job!! Your times are great! Congratulations! Your pictures looked like you enjoyed it!
Nancy said…
Oh cool. I did an indoor tri too, at just about the same time, although mine was distances, not times. You did a great job. Kudos to the wifey on the pics!! You are looking good.