A new 10 K PR...In a training run

So I met up with my normal Saturday morning running group for my weekend long run. I knew based on my last two long runs I wanted to try running a faster, yet consistent, pace. I tried to set my pace window on my Forerunner from 9-9:30/mile. That was too small of a window so I had it set between 8:05 and 9:30. My plan was to try to be somewhere between 9 and 9:15/mile. As we headed out, I felt great. I was quickly ahead of the rest of the group. I was surprised how often my Garmin was beeping at me to slow down. I settled into a comfortable pace averaging about 8:45/mile.which really didnt feel too hard. My legs felt great and my breathing wasnt bad. I wouldnt have been able to hold a conversation easily, but I could get out a full sentence (talking to myself at this point) without gasping for breath. I wore my HR monitor as well. My HR was a little higher then I wouldve thought it should be. I was staying right around 170-175 bpm. I think this is probably high Zone 2 maybe low zone 3 for me. I definitely need to do a max HR test so I can get a better idea of my HR Zones. I was surprised as I hit mile 5, I was still on about the same 8:45 pace.

When I hit 6 miles, I had to do a double take. Here I am on a LD training run, not running all out and I was at 51:24. I knew at that point I was about to PR on my best 10K RACE TIME!!. I kept the pace up and maybe picked it up just slightly and hit 6.2 miles in 53:04!!!. My old RACE PR was 53:47. So I had taken off 43 seconds on a training run. I am so psyched now. I am going to run a 10K on Memorial Day here and my goal is not only to PR again, but to try really hard to go under 50 minutes. I think this goal is realistic given the fact that the race course has a similar profile to todays run. All I have to do is take about 30 seconds off each mile.

So I continued on with my run and my last 2.5 miles at only a slightly slower pace. In the end, I had run 8.77 miles in 1:16:30 for an 8:43/mile average.

Mile Total Pace
1 8:16
2 16:45 8:28
3 25:26 8:41
4 34:08 8:41
5 42:53 8:45
6 51:24 8:30
7 1:00:35 9:11
8 1:09:37 9:01
8.77 1:16:30 8:55

Last night I was in the pool for threshold intervals. It is weird how I can get in the pool and feel like I have had a bad swim and I get home and check my logs and find out my splits for the intervals were either the same or better then last weeks. My main set was 5*200 threshold (around --> little slower the race pace) with 45 seconds recovery. I went out a little fast in my first set, but after that I settled into a steadier pace with each one just a little slower. My splits were 2:59,62, 3:06.97, 3:08.82, 3:13.79, 3:13.38 . These were actually right in line (and actually just a little faster) with my last 2 threshold workouts.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Cant wait to hear race reports from those racing this weekend.


Unknown said…
Nice job on the 10K training run. Gotta love it when you're running faster in training than you have in a race. :)
Stef0115 said…
50 minutes is DEFINITELY realistic in light of what you did today. This is so exciting!!! Great job on the 200s too.
teacherwoman said…
Nice job, kevin! You are totally rockin' your training!
Anonymous said…
Awesome, Kevin! You are a fast guy!!
Marcy said…
Whooooaaaaaa you keep rockin out every time I come over here LOL Taht is AWESOME!! ;D
H said…
Wow, that's awesome! When are your next races? According to your PR window at the side, you're getting ready to blow away everything... that half marathon looks ready to topple :D

Super fast!
Wes said…
Killa run, Kevin! You are rapidly becoming a speedy peep :-)
Anonymous said…
Nice job Kevin!! It's only April too...you are going to have some big time PR's this year! Keep up the great work.
Jess said…
Nice job on the run!
Unknown said…
Awesome! How exciting to peek at your watch and realize your are PRing with little effort! Way 2 go! :D
Nancy said…
OMG you're fast. I'm not worthy.

Nice work.